Welcome to Savage Cabinets, where the art of cabinetry is redefined with an unparalleled commitment to luxury and craftsmanship. At Savage Cabinets, we transcend conventional standards, setting a new pinnacle in the realm of custom cabinet design. Our legacy of excellence is woven into every bespoke creation, from intricately detailed traditional designs to cutting-edge modern marvels. 

With a passion for perfection, we far surpass industry norms, ensuring each cabinet is a testament to quality and innovation. From concept to completion, Savage Cabinets is your trusted partner in transforming spaces into exquisite showcases of elevated design, where luxury meets precision, and every creation is a masterpiece in its own right.


Steve Savage

Owner / Operator

Steve Savage is a distinguished cabinet designer and craftsman. He possesses a unique talent
for envisioning spaces in their truest form, demonstrating an exceptional ability to unlock the full
potential of any room in your home. With a discerning eye for design, he surpasses
conventional limits to create homes resonating with individuality and style. Steve’s expertise
goes beyond aesthetics; he has garnered acclaim for transformative remodels, skillfully
enhancing a home’s functionality and ambiance. His innovative designs infuse new life into
spaces, cultivating an environment that offers a fresh start without the need for relocation. Steve
Savage is not merely a cabinet designer; he is a visionary who transforms dreams of an ideal
home into tangible and breathtaking realities.

In the realm of home design, Steve’s reputation as a transformative force precedes him. Clients
seek his services not only for his mastery in crafting exquisite cabinets but also for his
exceptional skill in redefining entire living spaces. Steve Savage’s dedication to enhancing the
function and feel of a home is unmatched, establishing him as a sought-after designer for those
desiring a living space that reflects both practicality and luxury.

Matt Williams

Environmental Design

Matt Williams, an indispensable collaborator with Steve Savage, brings precision and technical
finesse to the realization of Steve’s visionary designs. Working seamlessly together, Matt
meticulously translates the creative visions into comprehensive digital designs, employing
advanced computer-aided design techniques. Matt specializes in creating detailed renderings to
vividly capture every aspect of each space’s concepts for everyone to visualize. Beyond visuals,
Matt plays a crucial role in the execution of cabinet and spatial plans by taking precise
measurements, guaranteeing that every element aligns flawlessly with the intended vision. With
a keen eye for detail and a commitment to precision, Matt Williams contributes significantly to
the seamless translation of creative ideas into tangible and immaculately executed designs.